Code of Ethics

Empowering & Supporting Seniors

Lanark Lifestyles follows a strict code of ethics to ensure its mission of empowering, respecting and supporting seniors is upheld.

1. Provide Compassionate Care and Exceptional Service
  • Care for and serve our residents with respect, compassion and dignity
  • Live and breathe a “residents come first” attitude
  • Develop unique in-depth resident centred care plans upon admission with routine follow up assessments
2. Foster Trust and Integrity
  • Build and maintain long lasting bonds with our residents, staff and community members
  • Be accountable for our actions and strive to do what is best for our residents
3. Maintain Professional Excellence
  • Hold regular training sessions for our staff regarding career development and quality improvement initiatives
  • Use cutting edge technology to enhance the quality of life of our residents, and provide peace of mind for their loved ones
4. Promote Healthy and Enjoyable Living
  • Provide on site physiotherapy and exercise programs aimed at preventing common senior ailments and improving wellbeing
  • Focus on the fun things in life including daily activities and delicious, nutritious meals made with local ingredients
5. Manage Conflict of Interest
  • Educate our residents about perceived conflict of interest and about Dr. Neel Chadha’s personal and professional commitment
  • Maintain autonomy for our residents in their decisions regarding medical care
  • Separate Dr. Chadha from all corporate and financial decisions for Lanark Lifestyles
  • Ensure daily decisions pertaining to operations are made by the executive management team and Wit Lewandowski if ownership opinion is needed
6. Be an Important Member of the Community
  • Develop and maintain partnership with local businesses and allied health professionals
  • Provide regular sponsorships of important local charitable causes

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